A vast majority of the people – both men and women – have Googled the following statement: how to become a professional escort – countless times. Surprisingly, Google returns 14,900,000 hits which tells you that becoming a professional escort is a highly sought after profession by both men and women. So, how do you get started?

Make peace with yourself
A few questions to ask yourself before stepping into the world of a professional escort include:

Are you prepared for the responsibilities ahead?
Are you prepared to tell your family what you do?
Are you able to handle the emotional effects that come with the job?
What is your drive – money, fun or both?

Learn the responsibilities of the job
What is a professional escort expected to do? Don’t know? For starters, the client needs you to be a companion/girlfriend to a business dinner or a party on a yacht. Basically, the client requires you to offer a certain experience that fulfills his or her fetish. In addition to dining, the client may expect extra services such as a hand job, French kissing, vaginal penetration sex, rim job and porn star experience among others.

Learn the rules of the job
To be successful as a professional escort, you have to ensure your safety. Take a self-defense class prior to starting your new career. This comes in handy when the client takes the experience overboard. Be prepared to say NO in case the client tries to take the fantasy into the uncomfortable zone. Protect yourself against STI’s. This is true for both male and female escorts.

Research on available escort agencies
Working for an escort agency such as Charlotte escorts has so many benefits to you and your career. They include the screening of clients before contact, marketing and promotion, security and protection when on the job. During your research, use the following to weed out the bad from the good:

How do they vet their clients?
How do they treat their escorts?
How much can you earn?
What is their client base?

Learn how to select the best escort agency.

Refine yourself
As a professional escort, you have to dress to impress. The first thing you need to do is shop. Select outfits that accentuate your sexiness – curves and everything. This does not mean that you should buy the shortest dresses. Stick to a professional look that projects sexiness and allure.

Improve your physique
Whether you are a male or female professional escort, there are certain standards that clients expect of you and so does the agency. For starters, you will be required to work out and tone your muscles. In addition, you should maintain a low body fat percentage. When it comes to food, adopt a healthy diet. If there are defects that you don’t love such as an out of proportion nose or lips, cosmetic surgery should resolve this.

Final Thoughts
There you have it. A simple guide that is intuitive and informative. Not only will you learn what is required of you but you will get to learn what factors to consider when selecting a great escort agency to work for.

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