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Talking about sex is difficult enough, but telling your partner that you want to have a swinging is a different ball game. My partner was okay about the fact I used to work for a London escorts service, but I was not sure how he would react to me wanting to go back swinging. London escorts had made me more liberated than many of his previous girlfriend but were he ready for turning. We ended up talking about it over a glass of wine when I was fixing diner one night.

I am not sure how he felt about it first of all, but I did notice he took a big mouthful of wine, and kind of held his breath. Anyway, I looked at him, and he did seem to be listening to me. My former colleagues from London escorts did use to come around, and they could sometimes be a little bit intimidating. Quickly I explained that I did not expect him to go swinging with any of the girls from London escorts.

That was the first time I spoke to him about swinging. In the following weeks, I checked out a couple of local swingers clubs online and settled for one which had a dark room. It is where you can meet people discreetly, and also, one of the girls from charlotte action escorts service I had worked for, had tried it. She only went during the week, and I suggested that we try the clubs’ Saturday night party. I was reasonably sure none of the girls were going to be there as Saturday night is one of the busiest nights at London escorts.

My boyfriend was a bit tense as we walked in through the door. He seemed to relax a little bit when he realized we had to wear masks, and none of my former colleagues from London escorts were there. We started to chat with other swingers, and before I knew it, my boyfriend was talking to two hot Black girls. They were excited by him, and I nodded to him to follow them. I walked

around a bit to check out the party but soon approached a guy who seemed familiar. We ended up talking a little before he gently slipped, off my robe, and we started to play. As we continued, I noticed my boyfriend in the doorway. He had a smile on his face, and as the guy bent me over a sofa to fuck me from behind, I realized that he was getting a kick out of seeing another guy fuck me. Now we swing regularly, and my boyfriend has recognized that a bit of diversity can be useful for both body and soul.