You would have thought that working for London escorts would have given me enough experience of relationships so that I would not end up in a toxic relationship. But, despite all of the relationship experience that I had gained at London escorts from, I still ended up in one. For the first time in my life, I realised why so many people end up in this kind of a relationship. Not only are the toxic, it feels more or less like you are addicted to the other person. Leaving one is certainly not easy.



My Toxic Experience


When I realised that I was in a toxic relationship, the first thing I did was to talk to my London escorts friends. I realised that I needed to get out. My personal friends are nice but I am not sure that they would be able to help me. London escorts are normally a little bit tougher and many of them are happy to fight your corner if you know what I mean. One of my biggest problems was that I needed somewhere to live. I had rented out my flat and the tenancy still had a couple of months to go. Fortunately, one of my friends were happy to put me up.


How To Leave


Lots of my personal stuff was in storage back in my old apartment building. That was a good thing. However, I still had what I called my London escorts essentials back in the flat that I shared with this guy I had become addicted to. In many ways, I was lucky. He worked during the day, so one of my friends from London escorts could come and help me back up. If you want to avoid a scene, it is a good idea to move out when your partner is not there. That was exactly what I did and it worked out for me.


What You Should Not Leave Behind


Of course, there are some things which are more important than others when it comes to a relationship break-up. You should try to get out as many possessions as you certainly can – that is really important. On top of that, you should also make sure you don’t leave any financial details behind. Sure, he knew that I worked for a London escorts agency, but he did not know how much I earned and he did not have access to any of my financial situations. Also, you should make sure you don’t leave any passwords or other stuff behind. Just in case, it is a good idea to change all of your passwords.


Starting again after finishing a toxic relationship is not easy. The guy I was living turned a bit nasty, but after I threatened him with the police, he went away. I decided that I would only focus on my job for a little while. That was a year ago and I am still single. Many London escorts are single and stay single while they work for London escorts. It is actually a pretty good idea. Being single is certainly less complicated. You may feel lonely from time to time, but it will also not lead to toxic relationships and heartache.

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