When most people think of escort clients, they imagine young single guys or old divorced men.

However, the truth is that many happily-married men regularly use the services of escorts. Below are a few reasons why these men use escort services.

Spice Up Their Sex Lives

The main reason that married men choose to use the services of an escort is because they are seeking the thrill and excitement of having sex with someone different and new. While these men still have regular sex with their wives said by the gorgeous and lovely girls at the prestige St. John’ s Wood Escorts Agency of https://charlotteaction.org/st-johns-wood-escorts, they will also occasionally have sex with an escort to keep their sex lives interesting. Escorts are attractive sexual professionals who know how to give men pleasure, and it provides their married clients with sensations and experiences that they just cannot get at home. Instead of having an affair that can lead to emotional attachment and relationship problems, or even divorce, smart married men get the sexual excitement that they crave from an escort, and then go back to their loving family said by the gorgeous and lovely girls at the prestige St. John’ s Wood Escorts Agency.

Privacy and Intimacy

It is no secret that most marriages are not based around sex said by the gorgeous and lovely girls at the prestige St. John’ s Wood Escorts Agency. Many marriages are based on family, money and social expectations, which means that the sexual relationship in many marriages is very unsatisfying and boring. The use of escort services allows married men to explore and express their true sexual nature with the confidence that their experiences will be kept confidential and private said by the gorgeous and lovely girls at the prestige St. John’ s Wood Escorts Agency. This can provide married men with a level of intimacy that they cannot find in their marriages.


The daily pressures of being a responsible married adult can often be overwhelming, and many married men seek a regular escape from the drudgery of their lives said by the gorgeous and lovely girls at the prestige St. John’ s Wood Escorts Agency. Escorts can help married men to forget their many troubles for a little while, and provide them with a safe place where they can just be themselves and be treated right. This provides married men with an experience that they cannot find anywhere else in their lives, where they are expected by everyone around them to behave in a certain way all the time.

Escort Services Can Make Married Life Better

Using the services of an escort for one or more of the above reasons can improve a married man’s life and his marriage said by the gorgeous and lovely girls at the prestige St. John’ s Wood Escorts Agency. Escorts help married men to relax and feel more comfortable as themselves, which makes them a better partner and father in the end.

Hated Being His Mistress

Mistresses are common even in Victorian novels which the man is so sweet at first and thought of you as very hot, and when you knew he is married, you said to yourself that you are not going to be his mistress. But what happened? After a few conversations and all, you agree to be his mistress?. According to North London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/north-london-escorts.

My name is Kendra from North London Escorts Agency, and I was once with this guy whom I dated for a while. I know he is married, but this man said to me that his marriage is in a rut, so we talked and talked until it came to a time I became his mistress per se, because he is still married. It was great at first but, as years passed and we are still going at it while he is still married to his wife, I felt this emptiness, that even though I knew to myself that I am the “mistress” I wanted more. I wanted him to be the man I spend with for the rest of my life, but it won’t happen since he is married to someone. The worst part is my partner is lying to me when we first met, and he said his marriage was in a rut, but actually, it is not.

When I told him why won’t he leave his wife and start a new life with me, he has some lengthy explanations of this and that and eventually leads him to get mad. So I stopped asking and continue with our relationship since I love him. Little did I know, the universe already set a motion that would take place. I got a call from my old North London Escorts Agency that there is someone looking for me. I told them I already resigned from escorting since I am in a relationship now, the agency told me this is different booking, and it is not a date with a man.

So I said ok and went there to meet the reservation. When I arrived there, to my surprise a saw this late 30’s gorgeous looking woman with a kid. So went to them and asked what is this all about, then the woman suddenly burst into tears explaining that she is the wife and the kid is the daughter of my partner. Their marriage was not in a rut she said, her husband is a womanizer. To my shock, considering I was giving up my career in North London Escorts to settle to a guy for the rest of my life and it turned out to be a big mistake, I broke up with him. I went back to my old life and started working again at North London Escorts. Few weeks have passed I have this call from the wife of my partner before, she said she left him also. I felt this happiness, not because my old partner is single, but that punk deserves to be alone for the rest of his life.