Sleep Aids.

It is estimated that at least one million Londoners suffer from insomnia. Scientists are not sure why but it is true that more people living in big cities suffer from insomnia than those who live in the countryside. Light pollution is thought to be one of the reasons behind are problems with insomnia. As we all know, London never seems to go dark these days. When I leave my London escorts shift I come across places with their lights on more often than I used to do. I am sure that is part of the reason as many charlotte London escorts love the bright lights in London however it can be an issue.

Do London escorts have any tricks when it comes to dealing with insomnia or sleep problems? I have spoken to some of my London escorts friends and it would appear that we all have our own way of dealing with our sleep problems. Ideas range from crystal healing to aromatherapy oils. One girl who works for our London escorts agency says that the best thing you can do to sleep better is to add a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow. I have tried it and it does seem to work.

At first crystal healing may seem like a bit of a crazy ideas when it comes to dealing with your sleep problems. However, once again, it does seem to work. There are numerous crystals that are related to healing and especially insomnia. One of them did not surprise me at all. It is called moonstone and is one of the most beautiful crystals. Its translucent qualities certainly remind you of the moon. Since I bought a moonstone I feel that I sleep better after having finished my London escorts shift.

What about natural therapies? Yes, you can try natural supplements when you want to sleep better but you need to be careful. Some of the can affect your hormones. You should avoid taking melatonin as it can upset your digestive system. A couple of the girls at our London escorts agency have a very hard time sleeping. It is a common problem for many London escorts. They take a Valerian supplement before they go to sleep and they say it helps them to sleep better. This is supposed to be one supplement which is safe as far as sleep problems are concerned.

Then there are London escorts who only believe in one sleep treatment and that is sex. It is true that having sex before you go to sleep can indeed help you to sleep better but that is not always true for women. A lot of women find that sex before they go to sleep gives them a boost of energy. So, while your partner gently drifts away, you may find that quietly sneak out of bed and start doing the ironing instead. It is not easy to find the best way to get relief from insomnia. You have to find out what works for you and stick to it.