Budget Life

When I worked for London escorts, I used to enjoy living La Dolce Vida to the max. All of my London escorts regulars really looked after me. But, I was not the sort of girl who wanted to carry on working for London escorts for the rest of my days. Instead, I saved up my money and decided that I would go back to college to get a BTEC in beauty. A number of colleges in London offer really good beauty courses. During my time working as the best charlotte London escorts, I had been able to buy my own flat in Greenwich. Fortunately for me, there were numerous good college courses nearby. However, I knew that I would miss what I like to call the Dolce Vida.

Can you live the Dolce Vida on a budget? After I left London escorts, I realised that I had to find a regular income. Going to college was fine, but I did not want my new lifestyle to eat in too much into my savings. Also, I wanted to enjoy my life doing my 2 year course. I guess I could have continued to work on a part-time basis for London escorts. But, that would have involved working nights and it would fit in poorly with my studies. Instead I found myself a part-time job.

When I still worked for London escorts, I used to take regular holidays. Most London escorts find that getting away once in a while is good for you. I was not any different. Sometimes I used to go away on my own. At other times, I used to take holidays with the rest of the girls at our London escorts agency. Even though I had less money coming in, I still found that I could take holidays. I simply changed the way I booked my holidays. Instead of going to top travel agents, I booked stuff through Wowcher and other discount travel sites.

What about good food? It is true – when you work for a London escorts agency you do get taken out to some nice places. I had never looked into eating at nice restaurants with my regular friends. Normally I would rely on my dates to take me to nice restaurants in London. But as that had gone by the wayside, I ended up going out with my friends. They knew how to play the game and get good deals at the best places in London. I learned that you can pick up dining out discounts online.

As a London escort, I used to love shopping for clothes. Most London escorts spend a lot of their tips on shopping for clothes. I was not any different. Yes, I did save some of my tips but I also liked to go on indulgent shopping trips in London. Can you still shop for the best when you are on a budget? You must certainly can. What you need to do is to pay attention to special deals and make the most out of the sales. Thankfully, I came away from my 2 year course still feeling good about myself. Now I know how you can live the sweet life in London without having to spend a small fortune.