She Is The Most Beautiful

I have met this really nice girl that I like. She is totally stunning and I love spending time with her. But, there is one thing that I am not sure about. Although she calls herself a model, she very much seems to work as a London escort. Yes, I know that she does some modelling assignments but what does she do late at night? That is what I am wondering about. When I want to take her out to dinner, she often tells me that she is not available during the week and that she has to work. I am honestly beginning to think that she works for a London escorts agency instead.

Does she talk about London escorts? I have never heard my girlfriend talk about charlotte London escorts, but it is her lifestyle that makes me think that there is more to her than meets the eye. Not only does she work late at night all of the time, but she also has a rather glamorous lifestyle for someone of her age. I know very few girls in London who have their own flat and have been able to pay off their mortgage. But, I have heard rumours that many London escorts have their own places in London and have paid off their loans.

There is another thing that fascinates me about her as well. On occasion, she has to go away for the weekend. From what I understand, she if very often flown in a private yet for a couple of days to places such as Monaco and other exciting locations around Europe. I would not have thought that unless she is a supermodel, she would be travelling by private yet. Once again, I do think that this points to the fact that she works for a London escorts agency.

Would I mind if she worked for a London escorts agency? I have been thinking about this a lot. If she is an escort, I would rather that she told me. The fact that it feels like she is not telling me the truth about her lifestyle does upset me. I am not sure that dating a girl from a London escorts agency is for me. I have told all of my friends that she works as a model, but I have started to appreciate that they may have their own suspicions about her lifestyle. I guess what I really worry about, is that they are going to find out that she works as an escort in London.

Is there anything wrong with having a girlfriend who works for a London escorts agency? If I were to find out that my girlfriend works for a London escorts agency, I would have to admit that I would feel rather awkward. I would worry that one of my mates would want to date an escort and end up taking my girlfriend for a date. How would that work? I would probably end up becoming known as the guy who has a girlfriend who works for an escort agency. Sure, they would still be my mates but I am not sure how they would feel about my girlfriend. More importantly, how would their girlfriends feel?